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Real time communication
Reduce phone traffic as much as 80%
Automatic email notifications
Multitask effectively and efficiently
Maximize productivity
Manage and monitor sales efficiency easily
Unlimited customizable reports
Tailored to you business needs

To run an effective business there are many aspects that must be handled efficiently
and Pool Engine® is your channel to do so. All data can be customized specifically
for your business needs. Accessibility can be limited to individual’s responsibilities only.
Every employee can remotely access Pool Engine® from anywhere…
on the job site, in the office, at home or away on the road.



  Customizable job specifications
  Generate customized billable phases and create draw schedule
  Add sales notes
  Track leads quickly
  Submit to Sales Manager for approval
  Submit to Construction Manager for approval


  Quick and easy communication between all departments of the
construction process
  Create/update job schedules
  All updates on job schedule reflected immediately on all schedules
  Create job/phase note which produces a pop up window upon all supervisor’s/sub-contractor’s login for acknowledgement
  Substantially reduces ingoing and outgoing phone calls due to real time notes
  Create email notifications to sub-contractors and supervisors
  Date and time stamp of each user
  Track job status throughout construction process
  View service tickets
  Upload/view job specific paperwork and drawings
  Create unlimited reports such as: Sub-Contractor Schedule Report, Superintendent Schedule Report, Acknowledge Report, Late
Construction Phase Report


  Communicate easily and effectively with all staff and sub-contractors
  Update phase status from anywhere
  Create phase notes
Create unlimited reports such as: Daily Job Report, Upcoming Inspections Report, Deck Pours Report, All Jobs Report


  Communicate with scheduling staff
  Remote schedule access
  View schedule by date range
  Create phase notes
  View outstanding service tickets
  Download approved constructions drawings and specifications
  Receive and acknowledge all job, phase and service notes


  Create unlimited reports such as: Invoicing Report, Sub-Contractor Expiration Report


  Synchs with Quickbooks
  Create unlimited reports such as: Invoicing Report, Sub-Contractor Expiration Report


  Input all advertising venues
  Create unlimited reports such as: Lead Generation Report, Sub-Contractor Expiration Report


  Enter service tickets
  Create service notes/reminders
  Graph service tickets by type, month or builder
Create unlimited reports such as: Outstanding Ticket Report, Late Service Tickets Report, Daily Service Report


  Add/Edit Sub-Contractors
  Add/Edit Phases
  Add/Edit Management Companies
  Add/Edit Users
  Add/Edit Service Types
  Add/Edit Upload Document Types
  Add/Edit Construction Templates
  Manage Pool/Spa Specification Sheets
      Customer Information
          Add/Edit Job Types
          Add/Edit House Statuses
          Add/Edit Sales Representatives
          Add/Edit Lead Sources
          Add/Edit Homebuilders
          Add/Edit Subdivisions
          Add/Edit Supervisors
          Add/Edit Appointment Locations
          Add/Edit Appointment Reasons
      Layout / Dig / Steel
          Add/Edit Access
          Add/Edit Benchmarks
          Add/Edit Beams
      Pool Specifications
          Add/Edit Pool Filters
          Add/Edit Pool Pumps
          Add/Edit Control Systems
          Add/Edit Pool Handrails
          Add/Edit Pool Lights
          Add/Edit Vacuum Lines
          Add/Edit Automatic Cleaners
          Add/Edit Infloor Head Colors
          Add/Edit Pool Chlorinators
      Spa Specifications
          Add/Edit Spa Heaters
          Add/Edit Spa Accessories
          Add/Edit Spa Control Systems
          Add/Edit Spa Lights
          Add/Edit Spillways
          Add/Edit Spillway Materials
          Add/Edit Spa Handrails
      Water Features & Options
          Add/Edit Florida Falls
          Add/Edit Aqua Accents
          Add/Edit Sconces
          Add/Edit Solar Panel Sizes
          Add/Edit Water Feature Pumps
      Decking & Tile
          Add/Edit Colors
          Add/Edit Infloor Head Colors
          Add/Edit Paver Colors
          Add/Edit Step Tile Colors
          Add/Edit Acrylic Colors
          Add/Edit Tile Colors
          Add/Edit Color Bands
          Add/Edit Paver Patterns
          Add/Edit Coping Types
      Screen & Interior Finish
          Add/Edit Screen Style
          Add/Edit Screen Colors
          Add/Edit Gutter Types
          Add/Edit Interior Finishes


  View current jobs
  View job schedules
  Enter job/phase notes
  Create service request


  View job schedules
  Create service request

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