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What is Pool Engine®?
Pool Engine® is an Internet-based Construction Management System that has been specifically developed for the pool and spa construction industry. Pool Engine® enables
real-time communication between salespersons, home builders, home owners, schedulers, permitters, service personnel and sub-contractors. Pool Engine® is designed for use on a computer's web browser or any handheld wireless device that has Internet access.

How does Pool Engine® work?
Pool Engine® is an Internet-based application, so there is no software to purchase or install.
Pool Engine® enables pool and spa contractors to manage each project more efficiently and accurately with less time and effort. Critical sales, permitting, scheduling and service tasks that were previously managed via phone and schedule-board can now be administered electronically in a fraction of the time, resulting in a significant reduction in phone and
fax volume.

What are the primary benefits of Pool Engine® to the pool contractor?

Pool Engine® provides the pool contractor greater control over day-to-day operations by providing real-time, up-to-the-minute data on the entire organization. Pool Engine® allows the pool contractor to monitor field personnel, increase productivity and customer satisfaction. Pool Engine® reporting capabilities provide a means for the pool contractor to rapidly identify trends, recognize and take advantage of new opportunities and react to critical field issues with real time information.

How is Pool Engine® different from other products on the market?

Pool Engine® is a true Applications Service Provider (ASP) model.  Pool Engine® requires no onsite equipment or third-party software (i.e. FileMaker® Pro*) that could be modified by it's manufacturer requiring upgrade fees or discontinued. Adding an additional workstation simply requires an off-the-shelf computer (PC or laptop), broadband Internet connection, an ID and Password. Pool Engine® DOES NOT charge licensing fees on a per-user basis, after the initial installation charge there is a recurring monthly fee for data storage and support. This simple fee structure allows you to grow your business without the worry of ever increasing licensing fees. Pool Engine® pays for itself by reducing sub-contractor phone calls by up to 80% and reducing the scheduler-to-job ratio. With our system a single scheduler can handle hundreds of jobs per year.

What are the system requirements for Pool Engine®?

The basic requirements for Pool Engine® are simply a computer with a web browser and Internet access. Field personnel such as sales professionals and construction managers or superintendents may require a laptop with wireless Internet access (such as an AirCard) or another handheld wireless Internet capable device.

Where is my data stored?
Pool Engine® is an Internet-based product developed using Microsoft Technologies.
All data is stored on our servers using Microsoft SQL Server© and backed up on a daily basis. Microsoft SQL Server© is a relational database that is recognized as a comprehensive business intelligence platform for data integration, analysis, and reporting services that helps you turn insight into action and make accurate decisions rapidly.

* FileMaker® Pro is a registered trademark of FileMaker, Inc.

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